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Camino Inn and Suites
1984 W El Camino Real, Mountain View, CA 94040
United States
Tel: 650 967 6901
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Camino Inn and Suites Guests Opt for Sensational Sizzler Cuisine

Sizzler Restaurant Manager Saul Alcazar and Camino Inn and Suites Hotel Manager Scott Seymore shaking handsGuests staying at the Camino Inn and Suites can take advantage of the proximity of the Sizzler to enjoy all of the delicious food available on the restaurant's lunch and dinner menu. The Mountain View, California hotel and restaurant are about a 2 minute walk apart. Located just across from the entrance to the Camino Inn, Sizzler is less than a football field's distance away.

The Sizzler is a very friendly and welcoming restaurant that caters to families, children and businessmen. Whether you are looking for a quick lunch or want to fill up with a juicy steak and a trip to the salad bar, you'll find plenty of great food to satisfy your pallet. Sizzler makes it very affordable for a family of four to enjoy lunch or dinner without breaking the bank. Complete dinners start at about $10.00 and you can get anything on the menu for well under $20.00. There is a special kids menu where kids can chew on some delicious Dino Chicken McNuggets shaped in the form of a dinosaur. Another favorite for the younger crowd are the juicy junior-sized burgers.

*Photo: Sizzler Restaurant Manager Saul Alcazar and Camino Inn and Suites Hotel Manager Scott Seymore shaking hands.

For those with an adult-sized appetite, you might enjoy one of the signature Sizzler's Steak Combos. Each combo comes with a flame grilled sirloin steak cooked to order and your choice of jumbo fried shrimp, grilled shrimp skewers or tasty Malibu chicken. Whatever choice you make will be a good one. All of the food is perfectly cooked and tastes great.

Sizzler also offers an extensive salad bar that features both hot and cold selections. You can fill your plate with hot appetizers like chicken wings, chili or spaghetti. Don't forget to grab a piece of their absolutely fantastic corn bread. Health conscious customers can create a salad of their own or choose one of the 3 signature salads - Cranbury spinach, Greek or seafood.

To finish off your meal, pick one, or maybe two of the delicious cakes or pies. Add some ice cream and some hot fudge for a decadent desert. Enjoy your visit to Sizzler. You can go back on your diet when you get back home.

*All product information and prices subject to change without notice.

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